Monitor Trust Zone VPN Reviews

Trust Zone VPN proposes simple functionality per mild fee. Its test effects are in general good. At the same time, the provider has issues with speed, safety, and purchaser carrier.

Let’s explore seral customer reviews of Trust.Zone app.

“Windows and/or Android customers are Trust.Zone goal groups. In our company, all others are capable of setting up this app through third-parties applications. MacOS & iOS customers do not discover it a lot reliable, but it is not a great problem as it works well for them. A limited list of capabilities plus poor consumer assistance are amongst problems of the app. For us, the biggest problem is the absence of any live chat. We would appreciate quick responses to our questions.”

Marks Inc.

“One of the positive capabilities of Seychelles answers is a complete refund on paid plans for 10 days. Trust zone additionally has an unfastened trial which is as an alternative convenient for mac customers.”

Links LLC.

To summarize the general impression and reviews on the application please explore the list below:


  • 3-day free trial
  • 10-day money-back guarantee
  • Different ports for OpenVPN
  • Supports torrents & Netflix


  • Available only for Android & Windows
  • Bad consumer support
  • Minimal capability
  • Has DNS leakage – located in tests

Setting up Trust.Zone VPN on one of the gadgets or operating systems including macOs is not a trouble with its Connection Wizard. As you understand the lack of customer support is compensated by the simple installation process.

Examine When Trust Zone VPN not Working

Following the carried out reviews investigation Trust.Zone works nicely for its money.  But if you are among those who want advanced customization, protection for Apple gadgets like mac and do now not need the leakage of your actual location it won’t healthy character requirements.

A minded person has to apprehend that this app is most healthy for people who require minimum functionality and do now not require the product utility support. For all others, we’d suggest greater complete and safe solutions, such as Clario.

How Do You Think – Is Trust Zone VPN Safe?

Examine the software summary:

  • Basic service level
  • Low price with an appropriate rate for two-years subscription
  • OpenVPN technology
  • Third-party purchasers for any operational system install like mac
  • Free trial

The utility pace is alternatively low in comparison to other comparable VPNs for mac. It has a few data leakages plus clients’help is limited. Therefore, you could use it if you want a fundamental service for the mild value. In case you require customized features use any other app.