SaferVPN reviews and analysis

After analyzing more than 1000 reviews, we have collected information to help you make the decision of joining.

To begin with, most clients say that SaferVPN is very easy to use from your mac, which makes this VPN service accessible to inexperienced people. The sign up is easy. You may select the period of the subscription (1 month, 1 or 3 years), after, you have to go through a simple download on your mac. The payment can be made by credit card and PayPal. If you do want your payment to be undisclosed, you may pay in bitcoins. You also get a free trial period for 24 hours, your  money will be returned to you in the period of 30 days.

Many users compliment the design of the SaferVPN website and say it is thought out, only the necessary information is shown, like a list of 34 countries that you can change your IP address to and access the Internet from your mac as if you are in another country. The SaferVPN website has a lot of information, and in the support section there is both of technical nature and regarding issues of confidentiality and payment for services.

Users also say the number of connections could be larger, but for this price it is fair. In the basic plan you can connect only two mac devices at a time. But users who are willing to pay a little more are going to be able to connect up to five mac devices.

A company is reliable when its customer support service works. One client decided to check their service and wrote them an email. They answered after about two hours. The time of the response is much better than what other firms provide, this is definitely proof of good service.

SaferVPN reviews

After our analysis, we can definitely say, SaferVPN is a great company with amazing customer service, yes there could be more countries on the list to choose from, but overall, we believe you will not be disappointed.