What is Clario?

This app is a fresh look on digital security.This program emphasizes not only on protecting your Macbook, but also on defending your digital life in all aspects.

This one app covers all types of protection you may need. The greatest advantage of Clario is combination of vital separate apps in one powerful program with 24/7 tech support. It provides you security of your connections, safe and secure browsing, safeguard of you and your data, anti-phishing, smart ad-blocking and anti-tracking. It does not only protect you from malware software or keep your personal data safe, it also reduces number of advertisements while browsing and gives you advice on how to enhance your security.

Those recommendations are personalized and based on habits and needs of each user. This ensures that the most accurate recommendations are provided on a case-by-case basis.

How to download Clario VPN?

Before downloading you must start a membership with this program. Just like any other app you need to sign in and start trial. With Clario membership you will get accesses not only to private network, but to all essential apps for digital life protection. Here is a 4-step guide on VPN installation.

Step 1. Sign in to your Clario account. Enter you nickname and pass code and push Sign in.

Step 2. Choose “Install Clario”. To set up VPN, push Download and wait.

Step 3. Install Clario VPN on your operating system. On the screen you will need to find Mac operating system and follow next instructions.

Step 4. Input your Face / Touch ID, to be able to change program settings on your Mac.

Why do you need Clario VPN for Mac?

Not all users may know that sometimes home Wi-Fi network can be as dangerous as one with public access. This means that any data you transfer through a public network becomes public. The worst thing about this is hackers and cybercriminals who can steal your private data, for example: credit card number, bank account number, passcode and other data, which must be secured and use it for fraud.

If you to wish to secure your digital life for 100%, do not be afraid to use it. Some people may think this is an exaggeration to use VPN, but you must never underestimate criminals.