What is Hola VPN? Can I use it for Mac?

To generalize, Hola VPN is an extension, that unlocks regional content and destroys any geographical restrictions. The program appears as a supplement and a mobile application, so you may choose the version you need. Hola VPN works by redirecting traffic through the devices of network participants. Moreover, the application doesn´t use lots of personal resources of the user, even in a case of non-utilization.

One of the most important pros is that the program practically doesn’t slow down your Internet speed, because no encryption is used. But the main con is that the company possesses all data according to your internet activity, for example, browser’s usage, web pages’ attendance, time on surfing the Internet. Hola’s distributors have access to activity information, as well as to personal, including IP address and your billing details.

How can I download Hola VPN for Mac? And how can I uninstall it on the contrary?

It is installed in a couple of clicks and run on Firefox, Chrome and on devices with Mac. Installation of the Hola extension can be free too.

Here I add some manual of downloading of this application for Mac.

  • Download the supplement for your browser
  • Click on the arrow and select “Show in folder”
  • Make double click on the file and select “Extract All”
  • Open the browser menu and select “Settings”
  • In the menu open the Extensions tab
  • Drag the file into the Extensions window area.

In a case you’re not delighted with Hola VPN functioning, it’s necessary to accomplish next steps:

  1. In the corner of the screen, click on the launcher icon
  2. Make a double click on the application or use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Search + volume up button
  3. Select the Remove button or “Remove from the browser”
  4. Click “Delete”

So is Hola VNP a useful extension for Mac?

All in all, as any supplement Hola VPN has its pros and cons. The purpose of the service is to protect your browser, computer or other device from malicious attacks, various viruses and trojans. Taking into consideration, it’s not appropriate to recommend this application. The company record everything that you do, collaborate with surveillance agents, and there is no encryption implemented. Actually. it is one of the simplest secure VPNs.

Applying the extension user cannot download torrents, watch media files of all types and, of course, feel safe.