Why Do You Need a Trust zone VPN?

Trust.Zone VPN proposes basic functionality per moderate price. Its test results are in general good. At the same time, the service has problems with speed, security and customer service. 

Windows and/or Android users are Trust.Zone target groups. All others are able to install this app through third-parties applications. MacOS & iOS users do not find it much reliable. A limited list of features plus poor customer assistance are among other problems of the app. There is no live-chat at your disposal. If people require some answers on the system usage, Trust.Zone does not offer quick responses. 

One of the positive features of Seychelles solutions is a full refund on paid plans for 10 days. Trustzone also has a free trial which is rather convenient for clients. 

To summarize the general impression on the Trust.Zone program please explore the table below:

Pros  Cons
3-day free trial Bad customer support
10-day money-back guarantee Minimal functionality
Different ports for OpenVPN Low speed
Supports torrents & Netflix Available only for Android & Windows
Has DNS leakage – observed in tests

Following the performed investigation Trust.Zone works well for its money. If the customers need advanced customization, protection for Apple devices and do not want the leakage of your real location it might not fit individual requirements.

How to Perform Trustzone VPN Download?

Setting up Trust.Zone on one of the devices or operating systems is not a problem with its Connection Wizard for download. The process proposes a step-by-step guide for download:

  1. Define the operating system you plan to apply
  2. Select a VPN 
  3. Determine the placement you decide to show
  4. Start using the service

It is also the possibility to download a zip file with every VPN server configuration file. Such an approach is useful for setting up your Trust.Zone VPN on a router.

Minded user has to understand that this app is mostly fit for people who require minimum functionality and do not require the product application support. For all others, we’d propose more comprehensive and safe solutions for download, such as Clario.

VPN Trustzone Review

Examine the quick software summary: 

  1. Basic service level
  2. Low cost with the perfect price for two-years subscription
  3. OpenVPN technology
  4. Third-party client for any device
  5. Free trial

The application speed is rather low in comparison to other similar VPNs. It has some data leakages plus clients’assistance is limited. Therefore, you can use Trust.Zone if you need basic service for moderate value, but for more customized features you need another app.